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Our fitness & weight loss boot camps get real results for real people! Unrivalled results from the UK’s leading fitness & weight loss boot camps!

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Join us in Marbella to get fit, lose weight and catch a great tan! Incredible results in an incredible location!

Owned by a  Special Forces Trainer | Appearing on  the BBC and Sky One

Weight Loss Bootcamp

Hybrid Weight Loss Bootcamp is the only residential bootcamp owned not just by a special forces master trainer, but also a nutritionist. This sets us apart and is why we achieve exceptional fast results. Our programmes are tailored to the individual with life-changing results. Learn all about nutrition, lose weight, build confidence, increase fitness and be stronger; both mentally and physically. We are a genuine ‘personal touch’ life-changing residential boot camp. Don’t take our word for it, view our reviews which no other camp competes with:

• Lose weight fast, gain fitness, find new motivation

• Learn about nutrition, food labelling and how to food shop right

• Improve your mind and gain confidence

Weight loss boot camp

Luxury Marbella Weightloss & Fitness Bootcamp!

Relax & Unwind after a day of exercise!

Marbella Bootcamp

Join us near Marbella for the same amazing unrivalled results, in a new lavish location. Get fit, lose weight and get a great tan in the process!

Situated in a secluded setting, between the sandy beaches and rocky mountains of the Costa Del Sol, our Luxury Boot Camp Hybrid Marbella boasts an incredible back drop of shear luxury, making this an exceptional place to achieve amazing results.

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Fitness & Weight Loss Boot Camp

Unrivalled Results!

Chloe Patterson at fitness bootcamp

Miss Jamaica/Miss London Universe comes to Hybrid Bootcamp to strip down before a pageant. Click to see her before and after images!

Miss World Denmark came to Hybrid Bootcamp to strip away body fat for a photoshoot. Check out her before and after images!

After research and recommendations, Darren Clorely, a London firefighter, kickstarted his training at Hybrid Bootcamp!

Binky Felstead from the hit reality show Made in Chelsea gets ready for a photoshoot for OK Magazine with the Hybrid Boss!

David Bush lost an incredible 20lbs in just one week at Hybrid Bootcamp. Book now if you want to change your life too!

Karen Shakespeare dropped 2 dress sizes at Hybrid Bootcamp – an outstanding 11lbs and 19cm of body fat!

Hybrid Bootcamp Menu


Healthy Nutritional Food Everyday!

The resident Chef and Nutritionist work closely together in order to achieve the best possible results, and for the individual client. Another unique part of what we do. Optimum health and performance starts on the inside, if you want to look and feel great, or you’re simply interested in improving your diet, we will show you how to create better food choices for yourself, and those around you. We teach you the nutrition facts you need, dispelling the myths and fads.

Our striking converted farm house offers the ideal luxury space to be educated in food, dining healthily away from the distractions of everyday life. Learn about nutrition in laments terms, how to shop and read food labelling. Take part in master classes which show you how to prepare breakfasts, lunches, dinners and ‘treats’ which are nourishing, balanced, healthy and full of flavour!

Amazing Food!

Are you ready to kick start your life?

Hybrid Benefits

No1 Weight Loss Bootcamp | Fitness Bootcamp | Great Nutrition!

Creativity & Motivation

Our trainers and team are experts in finding great ways to get the most out of you. We will also teach you how to stay motivated and the differing techniques you can apply to your day to day lifestyle.

Our creative flair means we have no template, which other bootcamps have and follow. We will ‘suss’ you out and then adapt our methods to suit. Everybody is different, and every group has differing dynamics, so a template will never work to get the best possible results.

Celebrity and Tv Accolades

Hybrid BootCamp has been involved in celebrity body transformations and see’s clients coming from overseas to undergo our unrivalled weight loss and toning programme. Hybrid Bootcamp transformed Binky Felstead’s body from Made in Chelsea, to prepare her for a photoshoot in OK Magazine. You can see her amazing before and afters here, and her mention of Hybrid Bootcamp’s work in her recent autobiography.

Hybrid Bootcamp has also been approached by Sky One’s A League of Their Own, on more than one occasion to create physical challenges for their celebrity guests, and has more recently starred in a 6 week BBC show, due out in September 2015, as a leading Fitness Instructor.


No Starvation Diets

At Hybrid we are renowned for our nutritious and delicious menu; so much so people are always asking about our recipes! No one starves at Hybrid Bootcamp. Our personal Chef will create nothing but tasty, healthy meals for you throughout your stay.

The Best Personal Trainers

At Hybrid Bootcamp you will work with and learn from an experienced team of ex Royal Marines and Military Personnel; so you know you are in good hands and working with the best. The Hybrid team have helped train celebrities and athletes alike; so you’re training with the best!

Amazing Location

A beautifully converted barn set in acres of idyllic rural countryside, our bootcamp was designed and built around feng shui to focus and energise the mind in the day, and really relax you in the evening. Enjoy complete privacy in this beautiful location, less than an hour from London.

Unbeatable Weight Loss Results

Hybrid Bootcamp gets the best weight loss results in the country and we have the results, from real people to prove it. We don’t endorse any celebrities; so what you see is what you get; life-changing weight loss results!

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Hybrid BootCamp Meal Plan Wizard

Knowing what to eat can be a stressful experience, knowing how much to eat can be equally daunting.

Due to a huge demand for meal plans Hybrid BootCamp are the first to design a system that gets as close as you possibly can, to find the right meal plan that’s right for you use our Meal Plan Wizard

weight loss meal plan
Weight loss trainging

A Typical Day

You may be nervous about what to expect from a Hybrid Bootcamp; don’t be. We are not going to scream and shout at you, and there are no alpha males or females at our boot camp. We are simply here to do the best for each and every one of our clients; achieving amazing weight loss results. You will soon loose any nerves you have; feeling more confident and healthier everyday. Here is what a typical day’s schedule looks like at Hybrid Bootcamp…

• 06:30 – Let’s GO! Mornings are beautiful and we make the most of them; motivating you with our infamous wake-up music!

• 07:00 Morning cardio of love – your glycogen stores will be depleted, encouraging your body to burn fat!

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Hybrid Bootcamp

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Thinking about coming to Hybrid Bootcamp?

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If you’re unsure or need to know more information about one of our life-changing Bootcamps, just leave us some details, and one of our dedicated team will be in touch with you as soon as possible!

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